World Radio Day 2016 Commemoration

Each Year, Media institute of south Africa, chapter Lesotho( MISA Lesotho) celebrates World Radio day which was proclaimed by the united Nation General Assembly to be celebrated on the 13th.

As part of the commemoration of the day MISA Lesotho will take part in a World Radio Day Seminar on the 24 February 15, 2016 by Lesotho National Commission for UNESCO by making a presentation on “The Role of Journalists in Reporting and Disseminating Information in Times of Emergency and Disaster”.

This year’s theme is “Radio in times of Emergency and disaster”. The event is set to be graced by members of the media, NGOs and Minister of Communication, Science and Technology. Apart from MISA Lesotho’s presentation, there will be presentations from Disaster Management Authority on An Overview of the Disaster Management, Capabilities and Challenges in Lesotho, With Particular Reference to the Role of Radio and Red Cross on “Global Experience with the Management of Disasters and Emergencies with Radio. Lesotho Communication Authority will also present “The Significance of Free Access to Radio Frequencies during Disasters and Emergencies and Measures that should be put in Place by Spectrum Regulators in Order to Ensure the Protection of Radio Frequencies in Times of Emergency”.

Besides the seminar MISA Lesotho did an interview on Lesotho Television’s news bulletin on Friday 12th February, 2016 and also participated at a live LTV morning program “Thahameso” on Monday the 15th February 2016.



Lesotho this year has seen an increase in number of radio stations from 13 to 24. Three are community radio stations while the rest are commercial an all based in Maseru, except Molisa ea Molemo FM which is broadcasting from Berea district.



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MISA Lesotho

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Lesotho chapter is a non-governmental, non-profit making, member-driven organization which is associated with institutions and individuals with specific interest in media issues, with the exception of members of disciplined forces and political parties.

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